Utilities Plus, LLC offers comprehensive services for detecting and locating underground utilities, structures, pipelines and more. Using Ground Penetrating Radar, advanced nondestructive imaging, concrete scanning units and other techniques, we find and identify what’s buried underground.  Our accurate locating and marking help you avoid hazards and prevent damage costly accidents.


Our services support surveying, construction, real estate development, utilities installation and repair, LID projects and street upgrades, environmental remediation, site preservation, cultural resources and archeological exploration, telecommunication upgrades, home remodeling, and fence and irrigation installation.  We provide essential information for preventing accidents, controlling hazards, avoiding fines, and averting costly mistakes.


Locating Services – Utilities Plus specializes in locating a range of underground utilities including sewer and septic, private gas and oil, power and electrical, communications, and water lines.  We are your ONE-STOP service for locating all underground utilities, objects and structures on the property.

Washington State Law, RCW 19.122, requires that you locate utilities and hazards before any excavation or digging.  Typically, you contact the “Call Before You Dig” number toll-free number, and each utility company locates and mark its lines on your property.   However, the rest of the lines and “discoveries” are up to you to find.  If you start by calling Utilities Plus, you can save time and money.  We will locate and mark all utilities and buried objects at a fraction of the time and cost.  You can avoid the hassle of multiple calls and bills. You get reliable results and excellent customer service!

Temporary Survey Markings – Utilities Plus works hand-in-hand with survey and construction companies before excavations, providing valuable pre-design and pre-survey support.  Marking all potential hazards is a good, money-saving practice. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Electrical Fault Finding – We can find the precise location where a fault has occurred in your power line.  Accurate locating streamlines the repair.  For example, your power outage could be caused by gophers gnawing through the line and creating a single fault site. We will rapidly locate the fault so you can get your power back quickly and avoid replacing the entire line.


Site Preservation – When a contractor or developer marks underground utilities for a large project, e.g., hospital construction or road repairs, Washington State Law requires that the markings remain in place throughout the project’s period of performance.  Utilities Plus offers a complete service to locate, mark and maintain the markings throughout the life of the project.  We ensure everything is accurately marked and clearly visible at all times.

Ground Penetrating Radar – Utilities Plus uses advanced imaging technology, such as Ground Penetrating Radar, to find and locate buried tanks, pipes, vaults and other items.  This reliable geophysical tool uses surface-penetrating radar pulses to explore subsurface areas.  It’s a fast, reliable and environmentally friendly way to detect subsurface objects, including deep underground structures that are hard to find with other methods.  It works in a variety of media, including soil, rock, ice, fresh water, and pavement.  It gets the job done with impressive efficiency and reduced risk and cost.


All Utilities Plus, LLC employees are 24-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) certified.   Each member of our team has completed requisite training for compliance with all safety requirements related to the five types of hazardous waste operations conducted under OSHA Standard 1910.120 “Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response.”   Ongoing technical and safety training ensures that we work safely on every job.

  • Gas & Oil Pipelines
  • Power & Electric Lines
  • Waste Tanks & Waste Transfer Lines
  • Water Mains & Wastewater Pipes
  • Communication Lines
  • Television Cables
  • Fiber Optics
  • Sewer & Septic Lines
  • Storm Drains
  • Buried Objects, Debris, Tanks
  • Traffic & Street Light Cables
  • Ground Penetrating Radar – for deep underground detection
  • Difficult to Locate Detection – plastic piping, munitions, voids, anomalies
  • Temporary Survey Markings – identifying precise locations
  • Support for Proposed Excavation
  • Electrical Fault Finding – for quick repairs and power restoration